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China's PTFE industry development overview and favorable factors


I. Overview of industry development

The global PTFE micropowder industry as a whole is in a steady development stage. Polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder has excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, weather resistance, temperature resistance, non-stickiness, flame retardancy and self-lubricity. Therefore, it is widely used in inks, engineering plastics, rubber, paints, and paints. And other industries. The PTFE industry was initially concentrated in developed regions such as Europe, America, and Japan. With the economic development and human resources costs rising in these regions, some companies gradually moved their factories to developing countries.

In recent years, with the development of downstream industries such as domestic inks, engineering plastics, rubber, paints, paints, etc., the market demand for polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder in the domestic market has gradually opened. Domestic PTFE micropowder production enterprises began to develop and develop. In the future, with the further popularization of polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder applications, the demand for it will further increase, and the domestic PTFE micropowder industry will also be further developed.

At present, there are few enterprises focusing on the research and development and production of PTFE micropowder in China, and the scale is generally small. The leading companies in the industry are DuPont, Daikin, Solvay, 3M and other large multinational companies. Overall, China's domestic polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder production industry is still at an initial stage of development.

2. the favorable factors for the development of the industry

a National industrial policy support

As a new material product, PTFE micropowder has a large space for development. In recent years, national authorities and industry associations have successively issued a series of industrial policies to encourage industry development, supporting the development of new materials industry. Among them, the “Three-Year Action Plan for Standardization of New Materials Industry” issued in July 2013 clearly stated that it is necessary to vigorously develop high-end fluoropolymers such as high-performance PTFE and actively develop fluorine-containing intermediates and fine chemicals. It has laid a solid policy foundation for the development of the PTFE micropowder industry.

b Wide range of products

Polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder is added with grease, rosin and mineral oil to obtain high quality lubricants. It is widely used in ball bearings, wear-resistant bearings, lubricated guide rails, sliding rods, etc. In printing inks, PTFE powder is used. As an additive, it can significantly improve the slidability, surface smoothness and gloss of the ink, and can improve the rubbing resistance of the printed product; in the field of coating, special kinds of high-performance special coatings can be obtained by adding polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder, such as Anti-stick coatings can be widely used in the food and packaging industries, as well as in home appliances, cookware, and chemically resistant metal parts and electronic parts.

c Large industry development space

With the development of China's national economy and the improvement of science and technology, the downstream industries of PTFE micropowder, such as engineering plastics, rubber, ink, paint and other industries, have also maintained a rapid development level, which has led to the development of PTFE. The direct demand of micronized powder and the development of the PTFE micropowder industry have further expanded. In addition, the growing range of applications of PTFE micropowder will also bring new market demand.