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The Tefno family banquet kicked off again, and the surprise continued


A quarterly family banquet is here again, and all the family members of Tefno have blasted the pot. There are three themes for this banquet, let us start the curtain with the pace of food.

1 Welcome new employees to join

A new face is born with new hopes. Thousands of words are combined into one sentence. In the big family of Tefno, I hope that you will work well, in a good mood and in good health.

2 farewell party

Someone joined and some left. In life, sometimes laughter, sometimes sad; sometimes gather, sometimes scattered. Everything in the world is regular. Can't last forever, then cherish what you once owned. Mr. Gong Ninglei, who has worked in Tefno for 2 years, your every contribution is the driving force of our Tefno forward. I sincerely wish you a new breakthrough in your future career and realize the value of your self.

3 birthday celebration

Every season, Tefno celebrates the birthday of the family. Big cakes, sweet love, and red envelopes don't stop. Every surprise has a love. In Tefno, there is a family, there is love, responsibility, commitment, ambition, vision, fuel, Tefno.