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Virgin PTFE

Virgin PTFE gaskets are produced directly from pure material and are used in the majority of general applications due to being the most cost-effective type of PTFE material and possesing the greatest physical and electrical insulation properties.

Filled PTFE

Filled PTFE gaskets are made from Virgin PTFE material with an added substance to improve its sealing properties. The gasket material exhibits strong physical characteristics and depending on the application, this strength can be altered depending on the type of filler that is used to enhance the material.

Expanded PTFE

Expanded PTFE gaskets are produced through Virgin PTFE being expanded in a manner that createas uniform tension strength across the material.

This process results in a PTFE material that carries no structural weakness and is more felexible than its regular material counterparts allowing it to conform to irregular surfaces. It also exhibits the unique chemical resistant properties of Virgin PTFE due to the fact that no additives are added.



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