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PTFE Products Polytetrafluoroethylene products company is located in China's new port city - Zhangjiagang City, the company covers an area of 20 acres, a total investment of 26 million. (PFA, FEP, ETFE, Halar-ECTFE, PO, PE) Spray Rolling processing, in the absorption of foreign advanced technology at the same time, and constantly new technology research improvement and innovation, the current focus on high-quality PTFE, PFA, PVDF lining and (PFA, Anticorrosive spraying technology international and domestic leading, PTFE grade general liner and high purity electronic grade lining technology close to international level.

PTFE Products Spray and lined with a total of 68 staff. Including a chief engineer, field production and technical personnel 39 people, more than 8 years of work experience staff of 15 people.

At present, Teflon products company lining and spraying the raw materials used for all international and domestic brands, such as the Swiss project, France 3P, Italy GF, Japan Walka, Shandong Dongyue are, the United States DuPont, Japan Daikin, My company long - term partners.

PTFE Products The semiconductor industry for the electronic grade chemical quality requirements are relatively high, polyfluoride company for high purity lined with PTFE and PFA equipped with a clean room, lining quality is more assured. Has been successfully applied in a series of electronic chemicals related to the production, storage, purification, transportation and other areas of PTFE products, and now the process extends to the pharmaceutical, biochemical, petrochemical, fine chemicals, fluorine chemicals, chlor-alkali and traditional chemical industry , Anti-corrosion quality and service life has been greatly improved.

PTFE Products Polyfluoride anti-corrosion processing equipment has been successfully used in more than 800 users at home and abroad, Teflon products which include some of the world's leading enterprises, such as the United States DuPont, the United States Dow Chemical, the United States Honeywell, Japan Daikin, China's Arowana, Shanghai Baosteel, Shenzhen BYD, Daqing Refining and Chemical, Zhejiang Sinochem, China Petrochemical Engineering Company, China's eight homes and so on. Year anti-corrosion processing capacity: large and small tower equipment 100, 130 large-scale storage tank, the size of 200 reactor, non-standard equipment 30, 5000 meters pipeline.

For the equipment such as: strong corrosion penetration, high temperature, extreme vacuum, wear, quenching and other hot requirements, such as the use of PTFE products Polyfluoride has a wealth of experience, we would like to discuss with the user, research and improvement, Fluorine Ethylene Products Polyfluoride offers you a comprehensive anti-corrosion solution to ensure a longer service life.

PTFE Products Companies in the quality first, customer satisfaction for the purpose; good pre-sale, sale, after-sales service is our long-term commitment, let us for the development of China's various industries work together to contribute their own strength.