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PTFE Sheet The company is located in Hefei, Anhui Province, with the domestic relatively large, more advanced Zhenzhu Mian foam production line equipment. The introduction of domestic and foreign advanced production technology, improve the front line of standardized production quality.

PTFE Sheet The company is set research and development, production and sales as one, for many years specializing in the production of Zhenzhu Mian, EPE Zhenzhu Mian, Zhenzhu Mian Coil, Zhenzhu Mian composite, Zhenzhu Mian profile, Zhenzhu Mian sheet, Zhenzhu Mian U- (Single layer thickness up to 0.5mm-22mm), polytetrafluoroethylene sheet composite sheet (single layer thickness of up to 0.5mm-22mm), polystyrene cotton sheet, Zhenzhu Mian paper, Zhenzhu Mian printing, decorative finished product protective film, 10mm-200mm), Zifeng Dai, PE anti-static bags, and other diversified high-tech enterprises. The products produced by the appearance of clean, beautiful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly pollution-free, acid, alkali, a variety of shock, anti-cushion, non-absorbent, heat insulation and other characteristics of the majority of corporate customers love and trust! The market has accumulated a wealth of experience, and many well-known enterprises in the province, foreign-funded enterprises to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation.

The company's products are widely used: TV, computers, electronic products, washing machines, freezers, optical instruments and highly sensitive electronic equipment products, the best shock packaging materials. Products are also widely used in door factories, furniture factory, glass products factory, ceramic products factory and building materials, chemical industry, as well as insulation products, wood flooring, Teflon board wall moisture-proof packaging and liner, footwear packaging , Luggage, leather lining material, lifejacket material, floor under the floor film and water pipe on the insulation tube!

PTFE Sheet The company will be sincere cooperation attitude, integrity, pragmatic, win the business philosophy to customers supporting the product to provide a full range of solutions. To preferential prices, quality products and improve the services to meet the needs of the majority of users. Rely on innovation and excellent quality, first-class products, a first-class benefits, according to the actual needs of each distinguished customers to provide professional, personalized application solutions to help our customers at a lower cost to enjoy high standards professional service. At the same time welcomed the broad masses of customers to the local field trips, really for you to solve problems Have your support and trust we can do better, believe our ability to witness the strength of your company, you and I work together to create more wealth and glory!

PTFE Sheet Companies focus on the production of various polymer composite seal products research and development, production and sales. Our main products are: PTFE, filled with polytetrafluoroethylene, carbon fiber, polyether ether ketone, polyimide, polyphenylene, polytetrafluoroethylene plate on the polystyrene, polyphenylene sulfide and other high-grade composite F8, F46 anti-corrosion lining and spraying; metal spiral wound (graphite, asbestos, tetrafluoroethane); flexible graphite, high strength gasket; carbon fiber, aramid, tetrafluoroethane and other discs; modified nylon, special silicone, fluorine rubber products; Root seal (sealing rope); mechanical seal, M262 (carbon) and other graphite products.

Founded in September 1997, is located in Chengdu Shuangliu District dragon industrial park, the company formerly known as school star enterprises, in 1998 was the income of "Chengdu Yearbook." Now has 20 million yuan in fixed assets, with an annual output value of 50 million yuan. Company to "the pursuit of scientific and technological innovation, beyond the limits of self" for the business philosophy to "high-quality services, high-quality products" for corporate creed, people-oriented, attention to the development of talent, introduction and training, and relying on universities, Technical strength, and constantly for customers to design and develop new products.