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Although the washers are inconspicuous, they play a vital role. The types of washers vary in size, material, and function. Let's take a look at how useful the various washers are!

The function of the gasket - Copper asbestos pad

Copper asbestos pad, it has the characteristics of high pressure and high temperature resistance. It is generally suitable for engine cylinder pad. When it is used, it must first remove the dust and dirt on it, and pay attention to the side of its copper flange to face the cylinder head. On one side, prevent reverse air leakage.

The function of the gasket - paper pad

Paper pad we will still be common in life, its role in two ways, the first is to increase the sealing, and the second is used to adjust the gap between components.

The role of the washer - flat pad

The function of the flat pad is to allow the nut's pressure to spread over the compression member, and also to protect the surface of the screw thread and the connecting body. General thin metal shells are fixed with metal flat washers.


The function of the washer - Copper flat washer

The material of the copper flat pad is generally made of copper material, and most of them are used in places with high pressure, such as gaskets of injectors.

The role of the washer - Cork mat

Cork mats have a certain degree of toughness, and are generally used between a water tank, an engine oil pan and a body. The cork mat is soft and has good sealing performance, which reduces the vibration, collision and wear of the parts. The weakness is crunchy and fragile.


The role of the washer - spring pad

The spring washers are used to connect the bolts and prevent the bolts and nuts from loosening due to shock. In particular, spring washers should be used for bolts that are not easily visible or difficult to handle.

The role of washers - Asbestos pads

Asbestos pads are characterized by high temperature resistance, so the parts used are high temperature parts, such as between the exhaust pipe and the cylinder head, and these parts cannot be replaced by other gaskets.


The role of the gasket - Rubber pad

The rubber pad is made of two kinds of materials, one is a gasket made of a non-oil-resistant material for sealing the air, such as a gasket used on the air cleaner case; the other is made of an oil-resistant raw material for sealing the oil. Gaskets, such as rubber pads on both ends of a diesel engine oil filter. It should be noted that the oil-resistant pad can replace the non-oil-resistant pad, and the non-oil-resistant pad cannot be used in place of the oil-resistant pad. In the long-term use of the rubber pad, if it is found to lose its elasticity, it should be replaced in time to avoid wearing parts.

The function of the gasket - felt pad

The felt pad has a certain degree of wear resistance and shock absorption, and is generally used at the bottom of a thin metal box or at a hoop, such as the bottom of a diesel box.