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Braided packing is a major component of compression packing


Braided packing is a major component of compression packing.

Braided  packing are soft materials in the shape of strips, belts, tows, etc., which are woven into long-length materials such as square or round cross-sections. It is extremely versatile and is a very classic static sealing element. With the development of the fiber industry and other material sciences, the types of braided packing have also made great progress.
Braided packing has the characteristics of convenient application, cheap price, simple structure, strong versatility, etc. It is very popular in the mechanical, metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, thermoelectric and other industrial sectors. With the scientific development of various industrial sectors, new requirements have been put on the materials of woven fillers. Because of the choice of woven materials, with the development of chemical fiber, inorganic chemistry, carbon fiber and othepr industries, it has a wider choice.