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Card Reader Introduction

The card reader is a tool for reading and writing files in the memory card.

Although the camera pictures do not have to go through a card reader before they can be exported to computers and mobile phones, the convenience of using a card reader to read files is widely recognized.
When buying a card reader, we must first ensure that the interface type is the same as the memory card we use, or simply buy a full interface card reader
In addition, there are differences in the transmission speed of the card reader. This difference is mainly reflected in the performance indicators of the transmission interface.
For example, the USB3.0 interface is significantly faster than USB2.0. Of course, this requires that the computer's USB interface is also 3.0 standard.
If your camera is still old, does not support wireless transmission of pictures to the phone. Then you need to consider whether you need to buy a mobile phone card reader adapter.
This adapter can help the mobile phone to read and write files in the memory card in the card reader and the ordinary U disk or even the mobile hard disk.