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The morning meeting culture of Taifno


"An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening."

In Ningbo Taifno PTFE Plastic Products Co.,Ltd, we have a "morning meeting culture" that has lasted for more than eight years. Morning meeting not only trains the eloquence of colleagues and enhances their self-confidence, but also boosts our morale and confidence in the new week by acknowledging the positive events of last week. 

Tidy Taifno employees practice "Good morning" aloud

Then why and how we should hold a good morning meeting? What are the benefits of holding morning meetings? Let's have a chat around these questions.

01 Why should we hold the morning meeting?

1. Quickly improving employees' mental outlook. Using specific actions at morning meetings makes employees being aware of the start of the day.

2. Cultivating employees' concept of time, discipline and image;

3. It is conducive to the unity of employees' thoughts and behaviors. Morning meeting is a mirror of the company. And it can reflect the problems of the company to everyone quickly to help the leaders and employees know themselves well;

4. Early meeting is an excellent form of democratic management. Employees and leaders supervise each other to make progress;

5. Morning meeting is the information communication platform for enterprises. In the morning meeting, each department head should report the work of last week and arrange the work task of this week to facilitate information exchange between departments, improving work efficiency and customer satisfaction;

6. Morning meeting is a platform for employees to learn and express their thoughts. Through the sharing of work experience by each member in the morning meeting, the role of mutual learning among employees can be achieved.

Therefore, a good morning meeting can effectively enhance the cohesion, execution and combat effectiveness of a team, and lay a solid foundation for the rapid realization of the vision of the organization.

Everyone is applauding the colleague who made  great progress last week

Why are so many morning meetings just a mere formality?

According to statistics, few enterprises are able to insist on the habit of morning meeting, and some of them just stay in a one-way communication and simply arrange work. Some morning meetings even directly turned into a sign-in meetings. However, Our company has different colleagues taking turns to host the morning meeting every week. We are full of passion and happiness all the time. These failed morning meetings are generally inseparable from the following questions:

1. The decision-making level of the company neither formulated the management system of the morning meeting, nor made unified requirements for the form and content of the morning meeting.

2. The organizer thinks that the early meeting doesn't matter, and does not realize the important role of the morning meeting and the importance of their management.

3. Although some enterprises have been holding the meeting for several years, they never check, monitor and summarize the early meeting, let alone the supporting incentive and punishment measures, which will become a mere formality;

4. Some executives, although aware of the need for early meetings, are frustrated that they don't have a practical approach and just go with the flow.

5. Some early meetings are just a one-way meeting, where the manager talks and the employees lose interest;

Manager Ding compared our company as a big tree

How to hold a good morning meeting?

1. The early meeting can be held before going to work. The location should be in a place where the surrounding environment will not affect the effect of the early meeting.

2. Organize before the morning meeting. All employees must follow the unified requirements to stand in a standard and uniform manner to maintain the best mental state.

3. At the beginning, it is better to focus on the supervisor himself or herself, and then decide whether to adjust or take turns to take charge according to the control situation of the department

4. Make the theme of the morning meeting in advance, try not to get off topic and be concise.

Manager Xie is always the leader of our passion and strength

Efficient morning meeting mode

Effective morning meetings require clarity of purpose, clarity of organization, compact pace, and quick action. To be specific, the following order can be considered:

1. First, personal report: select one employee each week to share his/her feelings about work last week;

2. Second, the supervisor's comments: After the personal report, the supervisor should comment on his/her work and implement the work schedule arranged for him/her;

3. Case sharing again: the content can be the summary of experience or lessons, or the learning experience;

4. Then the supervisor's overall summary of the previous week's work: briefly summarize the work of yesterday, and inform the best employees for encouragement;

5. Then deploy tasks and boost confidence: report the key work and matters needing attention of the department this week or at a certain stage, and encourage employees while praising and affirming;

6. The last part is the promotion of the company's administrative orders, including the notification of major information and the introduction or study of the general system.

Well, that's the end of this episode. Hope Taifno’s "morning meeting" culture will help you! I also hope that the positive atmosphere of The company can spread to everyone!