Test Equipment

名称:电子密度仪         Name:Electronic Density Meter

用途:测试密度           Application:Metering the density


Profile:Electronic density meter for metering density, is a new type equipment combined of modern microelectronics technology and Archimedes principle,it use software to derive buoyancy and density calculation formula to get the results, changing the cumbersome operation of traditional density test. Regular samples can be measured quickly and accurately.

名称:电子电视显微镜    Name:Electronic TV Microscope   

用途:产品表面检查      Application:checking surface

简介: 电子电视显微镜是一种连续变倍单筒显微镜,采用独特的消杂光和大景深技术,具有成像清晰,立体感强及工作距离长,视野宽阔等特点,与显示器配套使用。最大可放大1200倍,用于我司PTFE产品表面的观察。



Profile: Electronic TV microscope is a continuous zoom monocular microscope, using technology of eliminating stray light and large depth of field, with a clear image, three-dimensional sense of strong and long distance, wide field of vision and other features, used with a HD display. The maximum can be enlarged 1200 times, for checking surface of our PTFE products.

名称:3D影像测量仪  Name:3D Image Measuring Equipment

用途:测量产品尺寸   Application:Test The Demension



Profile:3D image measuring equipment is built on the basis of CCD digital images, relying on the computer screen measurement technology and powerful software capabilities for spatial geometry mathematics. Computer installed of special control and graphics measurement software, can quickly read the optical scale displacement’s values, through the software module operation of space geometry, can instantly come out the results; and produce images on the screen, for the operator to contrast the image, which can visually distinguish the exist bias of measurement results. The accuracy is 0.001mm.

名称:万能材料试验机(拉力机)    Name:Tensile Testing Machine

用途:材料拉力测试          Application: Material Tensile Testing


Profile: Material tensile testing machine, dumbbell-like standard sample clamped, with computer control to pull until the product pull off, specially designed software can directly draw the results, including tensile strength, elongation at break, maximum force and other indicators.Then tester put out the test report.

Test for compression rate


 Name:Compression and Compression Resilience Tester


Application:Test for compression and resilience rate


Profile:The instrument connected to the computer, the tester will put sample on the instrument to test, the computer directly calculate the data, generate a report. Data include compression value, resilience value, compression rate, resilience rate.


名称:萘钠处理装置  Name: Naphthalene Treatment Equipment

用途:四氟表面钠化处理 Application:etching the surface of PTFE




Profile: PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating properties. In order to allow PTFE sticky, use the corrosion of surface treatment technology. The product can be placed in a special solution for  reaction with 12 hours.


名称:数显千分尺                  Name: Digital micrometer

用途:测量产品厚度               Application: Measure thickness


简介:数显千分尺具有极高的测量精度和优秀的性能。分辨率1μm/.00002", 精度3μm,主要用在测量产品厚度上面,可从屏幕直接显示读数。


Profile: Digital micrometer has measurement accuracy and excellent performance. Resolution can be 1μm / .00002 ", the accuracy of 3μm. It is mainly used in measuring the thickness of the product, and the data can be directly read from the screen.




Name: Digital micrometer


Application: Measure length,width,thickness,ID,OD,etc




Profile: Digital caliper is a measuring tool with digital display. Resolution of 0.01mm, the allowable error of ± 0.03mm / 150mm, mainly used to measure the products’ length, width, thickness, internal and external diameter,etxc. 


名称:邵氏硬度计           Name: Shore Hardness Tester

用途:测量产品硬度        Application: Measure Shore Hardness



Profile: Shore hardness is widely used in rubber, plastic hardness determination. It has advantages of simple structure, easy using, small body,light weight, intuitive readings and other characteristics.It can be hold for measurements, also can be installed on a fixed load.


名称:卷尺                 Name: Tape Measure   


Application:Measuring large size products and product perimeter





Profile: Made of steel, range 10m, measuring large size products and product perimeter.