PTFE Woven Tape

PTFE Woven Tape

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[ Features ]

The remarkable properties of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) are well known, notably its low coefficent of fricition, non stick surface characteristic, wide working temperature range from -180°C - +260°C. excellet weathering resistance and corrosion resistance.
Expanded PTFE unsintered tape makes from pure PTFE. It has an expanded network composed of superfine fibers and joints. The combination of flexbility high longitudinal strength, and easy deformability in the transverse direction. makes expanded PTFE unsintered tape very suitable for packing and threadsealing applications. But it is not be suitable for use in certain critical application for example when contact with high concentration of gaseous oxygen or liqud oxygen involved.

[ Specifications ]
SpecificationsNominalToleranceThickness (mm)0.0750.10±0.015±0.02Width (mm)12,13,1824,26,52,100,1500.5Length (m)5,10,1520,40,60,80,1000.5
[ Main properties ]
PropertiesUnitResultType IType IIApparent densityg/cm3 0.6-1.20.2-0.6Tensile strength (min)Mpa910Ultimate elongation (min)%8030Residual Lubricant content (max)%0.50.5
[ Applications ]
Expanded PTFE unsintered tape is used for packing and thread sealing.

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