PTFE Envelope Non Asbestos Gasket

PTFE Envelope Non Asbestos Gasket

Product Details

[ Features ]

PTFE gasket is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. PTFE compared with other plastics, has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature.
Because of such excellent properties, PTFE has a wide application as a sealing material.

[ Specifications ]
No.TypeStandardTypeStandard1RF 10AF53×F18×3tFF 10AF90×F18×3t2RF 15AF58×F22×3tFF 15AF95×F22×3t3RF 20AF63×F28×3tFF 20AF100×F28×3t4RF 25AF74×F35×3tFF 25AF125×F35×3t5RF 32AF84×F43×3tFF 32AF135×F43×3t6RF 40AF89×F49×3tFF 40AF140×F49×3t7RF 50AF104×F61×3tFF 50AF155×F61×3t8RF 65AF124×F77×3tFF 65AF175×F77×3t9RF 80AF134×F90×3tFF 80AF185×F90×3t10RF 90AF144×F102×3tFF 90AF195×F102×3t11RF 100AF159×F115×3tFF 100AF210×F115×3t12RF 125AF190×F141×3tFF 125AF250×F141×3t13RF 150AF220×F167×3tFF 150AF280×F167×3t14RF 200AF270×F218×3tFF 175AF305×F192×3t15RF 225AF290×F244×3tFF 200AF330×F218×3t16RF 250AF333×F270×3tFF 250AF400×F270×3t17RF 300AF378×F321×3tFF 300AF445×F321×3t18RF 350AF423×F359×3tFF 350AF490×F359×3t19RF 400AF486×F410×3tFF 400AF560×F410×3t20RF 450AF541×F460×3tFF 450AF620×F460×3t21RF 500AF596×F513×3tFF 500AF675×F513×3t22RF 600AF700×F615×3tFF 550AF745×F564×3t   FF 600AF795×F615×3t
[ Main properties ]
PropertiesUnitResultApparent densityg/cm32.10-2.30Tensile strength (min)MPa15.0Ultimate elongation (min)(min)%150
[ Applications ]
Sealing material.

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