PTFE Filled With Polyphenyl Ester

PTFE Filled With Polyphenyl Ester

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[ Features ]

Filled PTFE article is manufactured by moding method with filled PTFE resin. Filled PTFE resin is manufactured by compounding PTFE granular resin with fillers of many differents kinds. Amongst the many fillers suitable for compounding with PTFE, glass fiber, carbon fiber, Bronze and also lubricating materials like graphite, molybdenum disulphide, have been widely used in large scale production, Broadly speaking PTFE compounds have the following advantage over unfilled.

PTFE.Improved compression strength
 Improved thermal conductivity
 Dereased thermal expansioin
 Improved abrasion resistance

[ Specifications ]
outside diameter /Inside diameter ×High(mm)outside diameter /Inside diameter ×High(mm)outside diameter /Inside diameter ×High(mm)outside diameter /Inside diameter ×High(mm)15/10×4071/55×90115/65×100170/100×10030/19×7075/42×150115/75×100172/135×5036/24×5077/55×100117/80×110172/145×11540/18×10079/65×80120/98×70187/159×7040/20×10083/30×100122/102×60205/162×9042/25×10083/60×100125/60×100213/189×10048/36×10084/53×70125/80×85220/170×4049/39×5064/60×100127/86×100229/185×7050/28×10090/68×100129/112×62250/214×10057/40×5093/60×100135/92×65284/250×9560/30×5093/65×100140/100×100290/240×12064/30×50100/60×100141/112×100304/364×5066/45×50100/65×100142/112×100325/285×10066/51×50100/75×100148/118×100390/354×12066/55×50100/84×50150/110×100395/355×5068/42×60102/65×100160/130×65516/468×8069/42×100107/65×100162/126×100578/530×9070/45×50110/50×70164/137×62  110/65×125164/124×60 
[ Main properties ]
Produc No.Filled compound and Content by wtTensie strength MPa(min)Ultimate strength %(min)Compresive strength MPa(min)120% glass fiber1012016225% glass fiber1010016320% glass fiber 5% graphile1012016460% Bronze108020515% carbon fiber1113016624% Bronze 12% glass fiber 6% graphile910016715% glass fiber 10% Polyikmide 5% graphile1012016.7
[ Application of filled PTFE ]
ApplicationNecessary proertiesSuggested grades of filled PTFEGasketsCreep resistance, chemical resistance#1 #2 #3 #5Valve seasCreep resistance, Lowfriction, chemical resistance#1 #2 #3 #5PackingsCreep resistance, Lowfriction, Low wear, chemical resistance, stiffness#1 #3 #5 #7BearingsLow wear, Lowfriction?Creep resistance#1 #4 #5 #6Bearing PadsCreep resistance, Lowfriction, resistant to weathering#3Piston ringsCreep resistance, Lowfriction,chemical resistance, stiffness#1 #2 #3 #5

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