PTFE Products

  • PTFE Sheets With Glass Microspheres

    PTFE Sheets With Glass Microspheres

    Modified PTFE Sheets are made of PTFE with glass microspheres. It is designed for use in moderate concentrations of acids,...

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  • Step Seal

    Step Seal

    Step seal is make up of rubber O-ring and PTFE , Suitable for hydraulic cylinder piston rod with seal.

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  • PTFE Seat

    PTFE Seat

    PTFE seat is made from PTFE resin.Ningbo Taifno PTFE Plastic Products Co.,LTD. is one of manufactures in China supply high...

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  • Filled PTFE Tube

    Filled PTFE Tube

    PTFE tube has extruded and molded as per different process. under - 180 ? ~ + 260 ?, it can be used, it has low friction...

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  • PTFE Little Sharpe Item

    PTFE Little Sharpe Item

    PTFE custom products, can be made according to customers' request

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  • Unsintered PTFE Film

    Unsintered PTFE Film

    [ Specifications ] 2. PTFE Skived Film [ Main properties ] [ Specifications ] [ Applications ] Lining,seaing and oil less...

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  • FEP


    [ Main properties ] [ Applications ] Can be long term used under the temperature from -80°C - 200°C. YCSG-1 tube mainly used...

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  • PFA
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