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  • The PTFE welding box is a container made of PTFE. It is a kind of cleaning equipment, which can be deeply cleaned and resistant to strong acid and alkali.

  • Dusted Free Asbestos Rope is made of dust free asbestos fiber yarn and braided into round or square form, extensively used as heat insulation and sealing materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems. Metallic wire reinforced on request.

  • Glassfiber Round Rope is round braided by texturized fiberglass yarn. The core braided by glassfiber or ceramic fiber. It is excellent substitute for asbestos ropes. Keeping warm and insulation against heat etc. Anti-corrosion, high strength, good electrical insulation, thermal insulation, high temperature resistant.

  • Ceramic Fiber Rope and Braid are manufactured from high temperature alumino-silicate based ceramic fiber combined with high temperature fiberglass reinforcement, with or without additional alloy wire insert. The product is white and odorless, suitable for high temperature applications up to 2300°F.

  • Ceramic fiber Tape is used as heat insulating materials and an execllent substitute for asbestos tape Ceramic fiber cloth with metallic (nickel wire or stainless wire) are also available. Spec:Thickness:0.8mm~6.0mm Width:1000mm Refractoriness:800~1200centigrade

  • Rubber sheets are manufactured for your different requirements such as oil-resisting, acid and alkali-resisting, cold and heat-resisting, insulation, anti-seismic etc. They can cut into various gaskets, used in chemicals, elections, fire-resisting and food. They also can be used as sealer, buffer rubber ring, rubber mat, sealing strip and for the decoration of flights of step and ground of hotel, port boats and ships, vehicles etc.