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[ Features ]
A wide range of practicable temperature:
FEP -200 - 200°C, PFA -200 - 260°C
Not adhesive, working together with water and oil:
Water contact angle: ?=114°
Not flammable:
It won't inflame in the air. (Index of oxygen>95vol%)
Corrosive resistance:
Element F only acts on alkali metals in high temperature. It doesn't work with other thick or thin acid, alkali and ester.
Dielectric property, high insulated:
60Hz-60MNz dielectric constant is 2.1, no matter in high or low temperature.
There won't be electric conduction even though the surface which is damaged by flashover.
Volume resistance >1018Om
Sheet resistance >1013O
Arc resistance >165 seconds leadproof
Low friction:
Coefficient of dynamic friction: 0.2-0.3

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