Taifno PTFE Donate Warm School Uniforms To Poor Children In Remote Mountain Areas

- Jan 12, 2018 -

A few days ago,the ice flower boy touched many people’s heart, we Taifno PTFE saw this news on the Jan.9th,we immediately decided to donate winter school uniforms to the Zhuanshanbao Primary School in Zhaotong,Yunan.The next morning we contacted Youth Foundation of Zhaotong to express our aspirations,then was told the 141 children list and school uniform size by Youth Foundation in the afternoon, 141 pcs uniforms* 145.00RMB/PCS,total discounted price 20,000RMB,we prepare to send by express.


    However,Mr.Feng.a member of the Communist Youth League in Zhaotong,Ludian called us: Now the Youth Foundation has received more than 300,000rmb of donations,hope we can donate other unreported and poor children,then gave us the contact info of shansongqing Primary School in Zhaotong,Yunnan,there have 240 students in primary school, the altitude is 2800 meters, its really cold.Now the money is not enough,if Taifno PTFE donated 141 sets,other 100 children will feel disappointed and sad,we really hope they could wear warm cotton school uniforms in New Year.


    Taifno PTFE launched a donation to collect 240 sets of winter school uniforms,and completed 240 sets of uniforms,total 34,800RMB. In a short time,We've got a lot of enthusiastic friends and company support,taifno 20,000RMB,other friends and company 14,800RMB,thanks for all kindness people,hope our help can bring the warmth to the children.





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