What is the use of fiberglass?

- Dec 18, 2018 -

The glass rope twisted with glass fiber can be called the "king of the rope." A thick glass rope like a finger can lift a truck full of cargo! Since the glass rope is not afraid of seawater corrosion, it will not be born. Rust, so it is used as a ship cable, crane sling is very suitable. Although the rope made of synthetic fiber is strong, but it will melt at high temperature, but the glass rope is not afraid, therefore, the ambulance is particularly safe to use the glass rope.

        After processing, glass fiber can weave a variety of glass fabrics - glass cloth. Glass cloth is neither afraid of acid nor alkali, so it is ideal as a filter cloth for chemical factories. In recent years, many factories have used glass. Cloth instead of cotton cloth, burlap cloth, making packaging bags. This kind of bag is not bad, not rot, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, durable, very popular, and can also save a lot of cotton and linen. There are beautiful patterns of large glass wall coverings Use adhesive to paste on the wall, beautiful and generous, eliminating the need for painting and maintenance. If you use a cloth, the wall will become clean again.

        Glass fiber is both insulated and heat-resistant, so it is an excellent insulating material. At present, most of China's motor and electrical appliances have used glass fiber as insulation material. A 6000 kW steam turbine generator, which uses fiberglass. The insulating parts made more than 1,800 pieces! Because of the use of glass fiber as insulation material, it not only improves the performance of the motor, but also reduces the size of the motor, and also reduces the cost of the motor.

        Another important use of fiberglass is to work with plastics to make a variety of fiberglass composites. For example, a layer of glass cloth is immersed in hot-melt plastic, and after compression molding, it becomes the famous "glass reinforced plastic". FRP is even tougher than steel, it will not rust and corrosion, and its weight is only one quarter of the same volume of steel. Therefore, it can save a lot of ships, cars, train shells and machine parts. The steel, but also because of the weight of the car, the ship itself, so that the effective load is greatly improved. Because it will not rust, you can avoid a lot of maintenance costs.

        If the glass is melted, it is blown into fine and short fibers with high-speed airflow or flame. This becomes glass wool. There is a moisture-proof and ultra-fine glass wool, and more than 200 pieces are combined with only one hair. Glass wool has a strong insulation property, 3 cm thick glass wool, its thermal insulation capacity is equivalent to a 1 m thick brick wall! The glass wool has a good sound absorption effect. Therefore, it is used as insulation in many industrial sectors. Sound insulation, heat insulation, shockproof and filtration materials.

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