What are the different roles of ceramic fibers in different fields?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

In recent years, ceramic fiber has been widely used in various industries, including: aerospace, steel, petrochemical high temperature insulation; military equipment fire insulation; industrial furnace, heating device wall lining, backing insulation insulation; high temperature equipment insulation; And other fields.

Aluminum silicate (ceramic) fiber is a kind of fibrous lightweight refractory material, which has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, low specific heat and mechanical vibration resistance. Therefore, it is in machinery, metallurgy and chemical industry. , oil, ceramics, glass, electronics and other industries have been widely used.


1, sealed high-temperature liquid, gas pump, compressor and valve sealing gasket, gasket.

2, the heat shield of the car engine, the package of the heavy oil engine exhaust pipe, the composite brake friction pad of the high speed racing car.

3, aerospace, aviation industry insulation, insulation materials, brake friction pads.

4, the door seal of various insulated industrial furnaces, furnace curtains.

5, high-temperature insulation and insulation of petrochemical equipment, containers and pipelines.

6, protective clothing, gloves, headgear, head Kui, boots, etc. under high temperature environment.

7, high temperature electrical insulation.

8, fire doors, fire curtains, fire blankets, sparks mats and insulation cover and other fireproof products.

9, high temperature flue, duct bushing, expanded joint.

10, cryogenic equipment, containers, insulation of pipes, parcels.

11, high-end office buildings in the archives, vaults, safes and other important places of insulation, fire compartments, fire automatic fire curtains.

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