Wave Washer Design Considerations

- Jan 21, 2019 -

Wave washers, also known as wave washers, are circular sheets of regular wavy shape. Generally used to prevent looseness, cushioning, and good elasticity and impact resistance.

The wave washer is a sheet-shaped annular metal component composed of a plurality of peaks and troughs and has good elasticity.

When designing a wave washer, the mold is first designed according to the shape of the wave washer. The wave washer forms three equal height peaks and troughs by punching with an annular ring and is evenly divided. A mold that produces a wave washer is fabricated and the wave washers are placed on the same line in the loading and closing of the wave crests and troughs.

Generally, the thickness of the wave washer is maintained between 0.5 and 2 mm, and is made of a material having elastic properties such as stainless steel. In the loading mechanism, in order to make the wave washers provide the same number of wave washers to the picking position each time within a certain time interval, in the loading process, the driving method of the stepping motor is used.

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