The domestic plastic products demand growth is slowing

- May 06, 2016 -

At present, the domestic high-grade functional agricultural film market share rose to 5% from 2%, intermediate agricultural proportion rose to 38% from 45%, low agricultural proportion has slipped to 50% from 60%. But the agricultural product structure compared with developed countries, is still in the stage of low-end products.Developed countries, high, medium and low-grade mulching films accounted for 20%, 50% and 20% respectively. In the future, the domestic polyethylene downstream user personalized needs will have larger development space.

Many buyers statistics to determine the price of the plastic tray plastic tray is good or bad, in fact, the quality of the plastic pallet by adopting the merits of the raw materials, production technology, processing equipment and other additives, the final price is just a standard.

Myth: quality and cheap price affirmation is poor, or to buy cheap.It should have its own analysis, because the price is decided by their own, the manufacturer will according to your own, in the form of product and industry to determine the price of the product.

So does not mean that the product with high price is a good product, low price product quality is poor.Determine the quality of a tray, too one-sided, without fully understanding of products, and then make a final conclusion.If you want to buy high quality plastic tray, first understand the basic knowledge of plastic tray, such as raw material, the maximum load, service life, process and after-sales maintenance and so on.

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