Solution of PTFE Productis Deformation

- Mar 07, 2018 -

 Solution of PTFE Productis Deformation 

         PTFE products is a product obtained by molding, sintering, cooling, the sintering temperature needs to be close to 380 ℃, after cooling, the product has a certain shrinkage than the molded preform, with the change of processing technology  , product specifications, size, shape will affect the product shrinkage ratio, which means that if the process changes, different operation, the ambient temperature and cooling rate can make the size of products different, or fail to meet customer requirements, it is one of the disadvantages of PTFE,calls dimensional instability or deformation of PTFE.So PTFE products appears deformation , how should we do? In fact, in addition to heating correction, and sometimes we also adopt cold-press shaping to ensure the required size of products.

        The function of PTFE cold press shaping is to some deformation of PTFE products,re-put into the mold for the molding process, the purpose is to ensure the required size of the product. Such as the diameter of PTFE molded rod is smaller than required size or bending, of course, not too small, generally samller than 1mm deviation or bending, after cold pressing, it can make  diameter bigger or  make the bending decreased or disappeared , The surface is more polished.

        Oval molded PTFE tube is not allowed,can put into mold for colding again,get some correction,but if thickness of PTFE is not uniformity by processing,so no solution,the treatment is only scrap or reduce the size of use.

        PTFE products placed for some time, we found that there will be deformation, which is due to environmental temperature changes and the internal stress of PTFE products. For example, we store the board ,and put heavy objects on it, planish, make the smaller deformation with the change of temperature,we can cut and use immediately. If the sheet has deformation, then we can also use cold press shapping or cold after heating directly.

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