Introduction to the working principle of the lock washer

- Oct 17, 2018 -

The working principle of the anti-loose washer is very simple: when it is assembled, the inner oblique tooth faces are opposite each other, and the outer radial convex surface is in a meshing state with the contact faces at both ends. When the connecting member is subjected to vibration and the bolt is loosened, only the permission is allowed. The two diagonal washers on the inside of the two sides of the washer are relatively dislocated, resulting in a lifting tension, thereby achieving a 100% locking effect. Lock washers can be used in all strong vibration environments.

Anti-loose washer features: high safety performance; prevent looseness caused by vibration and power load; easy to install and disassemble; lock effect is not affected by lubrication; good locking effect regardless of pre-tightening force; can control pre-tightening force High and low; has the same temperature characteristics as standard bolts/nuts; can be reused and more.

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