Functional membrane into a bellwether

- May 06, 2016 -

With the improvement of social progress and environmental protection requirements, plastic film because of its long degradation period, abandoned after the easy formation of white pollution, has become the focus of environmental protection department.In the inflection point of industry development, mill type, extensive, low technology content of enterprises will be eliminated, can grasp the market opportunities and adapt to social development of innovative companies will usher in a new wave of development.

For plastic film production companies, functional thin film is the best choice of the transformation and upgrading.Enterprises with research and development capabilities, strong technical force, can discard the traditional plastic film, to develop functional thin films.Functional thin film is to impart specific new feature film, to meet the specific needs of certain applications.According to different requirements, can develop different functional thin films.Very many different kinds of functional thin films, such as nano microporous membrane, one-way conductive films, etc.Nano microporous membrane, for example, it can be used in water treatment, air purification, medical and other industries, has been far beyond the concept and category of traditional film.In the early period of the development of functional thin film investment may be very high, but once successful development, its earnings will be an estimate.Traditional film production companies can be joint universities and research institutes, leverage function film market together.

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