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Ningbo Taifno PTFE Plastic Products Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional PTFE film,

PTFE sheet, PTFE gasket, modified PTFE sheet, expanded PTFE sheet manufacturers and suppliers in China equipped with productive PTFE products factory, welcome to our website. We could make the Non-Standard PTFE Products at customers' request. All our products have FDA, ROHS, SGS, MSDS certificates.

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  • Expanded PTFE Tapes
    Expanded PTFE Tapes

    Expanded PTFE Tapes ePTFE Tape is an inorganic sealant for static applications made of 100% PTFE...

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  • PTFE Envelope Gasket
    PTFE Envelope Gasket

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  • Pure PTFE Packing
    Pure PTFE Packing

    PTFE packing is as pure ptfe dispersion resin a raw material, firstly made with thin film...

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  • PTFE Sheet
    PTFE Sheet

    [ Main properties ] [ Applications ] Lining Bearing pads, seals, and electrical insulation.

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  • PTFE Bush
    PTFE Bush

    Benefits: PTFE Sheet has withstand temperature from -200°C - +250°C Excellent Insulating...

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  • PTFE With Handle
    PTFE With Handle

    PTFE custom products, can be made according to customers' request

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  • Glass Fiber Filled PTFE
    Glass Fiber Filled PTFE

    Glass fiber is added in the PTFE resin, after high speed mixing with abrasive suppression and...

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  • Pure PTFE Gasket
    Pure PTFE Gasket

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